Translation of audio and video materials

We translate advertising video, lectures, audio and video courses, developing animated films, technical video instructions, movies.

We can decrypt the record, even if the voices interrupt each other and it seems that you hear only noise. We have large experience in translating records of medical consulting. We accept the original file in any format, we are not afraid of audio and video cassettes.

If we take a movie about the spaceship or new technology of chocolate preparation, first we study the subject, evaluate our capabilities and if we are sure that we can, we take the project.

We can provide the result in writing - word transcription, put the phrases as per the roles, indicate the time-codes (time intervals between the phrases) with a second fractions accuracy. We can make the voice work, if required. We consider the work is complete only after the final confirmation with all the participants of the process.

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Examples of our video translations

Promo-video about metal detector Minelab SDC 2300 for Reviewdetector LTD More projects