We perform notarized translation of personal, corporate and financial documents.

We help to translate the documents for wedding and purchase of land property abroad, receiving visa, processing of foreign contracts. Certified translation is not required by all official institutions. The document with the translator's signature and the translation bureau stamp can be sufficient for some institutions. That is why, please, clarify the form of translation before documents processing.

Notarial certification of translation is done according to Article 81 of Notary Law. You can provide original or certified copy of the document. In both cases the document shall have all official attributes: number, date, stamp, signature of official representative. As per the law the public notary does not certify the facts in the document, he only certifies the signature of the translator about the translation authenticity. The public notary has the right to certify translation only if the original document is in Russian.

We can send the translated and certified document by reliable courier service, and notarized technical copy of the translation to e-mail. The translation cost includes notarial rate and state duty.

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