Technical translation

We translate scientific and technical articles, textbooks, reports, monographs, operation instructions, specifications, students' works.

We can help with the publications in international scientific journals, process the text as per the publication requirements. We can perform the translation make-up identical to the original: with the preservation of formating, tables, diagrams, footnotes and remarks. We carefully check the terms and abbreviations.

We can distinguish the scientific materials from popular-scientific ones. We know where it is necessary to stick to the precise industrial terminology and "dry" stylistics, and where the scientific things need to be explained to the readers in adopted form. In both cases we preserve the text idea, its presentation and logical sequence of the description.

Technical translations are accredited only to experienced technical translators. In case of any doubts we consult the relevant specialists. We have experience of translation for oil and gas, metallurgical, motor and aircraft companies.

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Examples of our technical translations

English → Russian
The book about the design of ekranoplans and air-cushion vessels: WIG Craft and Ekranoplan
Russian → English
The textbook «Theory of Complex Numbers»
English → Russian
Biobench Bioreactor Operation Manual More projects